Graftobian Revolution Brushes


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Graftobian is proud to carry the Royal Revolution line of professional brushes. Each brush is made of fully-synthetic DuPont Natrafil fibers that mimic the performance & feel of the nest natural hair. Each brush has a Titanium-plated ferrule and each handle is molded, high impact acrylic and coated in rubberized “soft touch” finish for added comfort and grip.

  • Item #: #85001 – 85013

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#85005 Large Flat Eye Fluff Contour Brush, #85010 Small Round Detail Fluff Brush, #85001 Pointed Concealer Brush, #85002 Pointed Foundation Brush, #85003 Small Foundation Brush, #85004 Large Foundation Brush, #85006 Highlight & Contour Brush, #85007 Small Domed Kabuki Brush, #85008 Angled Kabuki Brush, #85009 Kabuki Blush Brush, #85011 Large Round Fluff Brush, #85012 Small Powder Brush, #85013 Large Powder Brush


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