Graftobian HD SuperSilica Powder



HD SuperSilica Powder smooths the appearance of skin, leaving a soft-focus finish. This translucent and ultra-micronized silica mineral formula provides a talc-free option for all skin colors and types including sensitive skin. Use to set Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation.

*TIP:  Silica powders must be applied lightly with a large powder brush. Gently, carefully, and completely buff away any excess.

*Very important, especially when using flash photography

Net Wt .7 oz

  • Item #: 30020

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HD LuxeCashmere Setting Powder Options

#30031 HD LuxeCashmere Coconut Cream (translucent), #30032 HD LuxeCashmere French Silk, #30035 HD LuxeCashmere Banana Cream Pie, #30033 HD LuxeCashmere Pecan Pie, #30034 HD LuxeCashmere Chocolate Mousse


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