Graftobian UHD Makeup Kits- HD Essentials



An 11-piece kit, featuring some of Graftobian’s best- selling and essential HD makeup items for personal use, and an introduction to HD Makeup. This HD Makeup Essentials Starter Kit lets you explore the high pigmentation and durability of Graftobian Makeup. Graftobian put together seven kits to choose from, allowing the artist to pick the right kit suitable for personal use, based on undertones: Neutral, Warm, and Cool. Each kit contains one 5-well HD Foundation Palette, a Contouring Palette, HD Pro Powder Foundation, powder puff, GlamourGrip, Pro Pencil in Black Velvet, pencil sharpener, Lipstick in Plum Wine, a #4 at brush, a reusable vinyl bag, and an instructional DVD.

  • Item #: 88820-88827

Additional information

HD Essentials Makeup Kit Colors

#88820 Neutral 1, #88821 Neutral 2, #88822 Neutral 3, #88823 Warm 1, #88824 Warm 2, #88826 Warm 3, #88827 Cool 1


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