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GlitterGlam Liquid Skin Sparkle is an ultra durable liquid glitter that can be applied on the lips and eyelids. This water-based product was designed for dancers and is safe for external use anywhere you need intense sparkle to last and last. Perfect for ice skating, cheerleading, Halloween, Mardi Gras and more! Custom colors may be mixed using our clear mixing medium and the powdered glitter of your choice.

Net Wt .5 oz.

Also available GlitterGlam Display-Filled Tester. #87700-Tester. Our countertop display is the ideal way to organize and present a full set of GlitterGlam.

  • Item #: 87700-Tester – 87712


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GlitterGlam Options

#87701 Opal Confetti (multi-tone), #87702 Opal Flash (greenish opal), #87703 Opal Neon (bluish opal), #87704 Ruby Sunrise, #87705 Sapphire Sky, #87706 Blue Blast, #87707 Electric Jade, #87708 Pink Passion, #87709 Golden Sunlight, #87710 Coral Fire, #87711 Ravishing Rose, #87712 Violicious, #87700-Tester GlitterGlam Display-Filled Tester


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