Ben Nye Ultimate FX Creme Colors




Ben Nye F/X Creme Colors offer exceptional character realism. Intense pigmentation in a smooth creme formula for consistent application, blending, versatility and durability.

Use Ben Nye F/X Creme Colors to achieve your best results with the high pigment content and creamy texture of F/X Cremes. Ben Nye F/X Cremes blend easily, and remain steadfast against harsh elements.



  • Item #: FX
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye products officially distributed by Parlights, Inc

Additional information

FX Creme Colors:

White, Ultralite, Medium Plum, Bruise, Burnt Coral, Fire Red, Dried Blood, Dark Sunburn, Blood Red, Fresh Cut, Dark Crimson, Charcoal Blue, Dark Burgundy, Maroon, Purple, Midnight Violet, Black and Blue, Dark Brown, Beard Stipple, Black, Grey Purple, Vein, Blue, Sapphire Blue, Sallow Green, Chrome Yellow, Goldenrod, Capillary Stipple, Liver Spot, Freckle Stipple, Age Spot, Character Shadow


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