Graftobian Bad Ass Hot Wingz Stencils




Intricately designed by award-winning makeup artist and body painter Andrea O’Donnell, each individual sheet consists of a combination of thematically related design elements, patterns, textures, etc., that are ideal for use with Graftobian F/X Aire airbrush makeup, Graftobian ProPaint, and Graftobian Disguise Stix. See our stencil sponge daubers.

A myriad of different effects can be produced with just one easy-to-manipulate stencil piece on the face or body. Mix and match Hot Wingz for no limit to what you can create! Shadow shield included to protect the eyes, under eyes, or portions of stencil not in use. Just wash it off and you’re ready to reuse!

  • Item #: #78425 – 78436





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Bad Ass Hot Wingz Options

#78425 Zesty, #78431 Flaming, #78426 Wild, #78432 Exotic, #78427 Wicked, #78433 Blazin, #78428 Honey, #78434 Cajun, #78429 Glazed, #78435 Mild, #78430 Sweet, #78436 Steamy


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