Ben Nye F/X Stack 5 Colors
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Heighten F/X realism with the pre-assembled, five-color stacks. Select from Bruise, Burn & Age F/X. Introducing two new F/X shades: Bruise and Vein. All Individual shades are now packaged in this handy, stackable container. Made by Ben Nye

.3oz./8.4gm. each color.  Net Wt. 1.5oz./42gm. Expect 20-175 designs per stack

FXS-1 Bruise Shades: FX-12, FX-11, FX-2, FX-5, FX-7.
FXS-2 Age Shades: FX-91, FX-9, FX-13, FX-15, FX-17.
FXS-3 Burn Shades: FX-3, FX-31, FX-1, FX-4, FX-8.


  • Item #: FXS
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye products officially distributed by Parlights, Inc

Ben Nye F/X Stack 5 Colors

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