Ben Nye Concealer Palette
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Rely on the twelve indispensible shades in Ben Nye's MediaPRO™ Concealer Palette to eliminate blemishes and discolorations. Ideal for bridal and print, and a necessity for the artist who wants to be prepared for anything.

All palette shades are refillable. Includes NDB8 Dome Brush. Expect 400-1200 applications.

MediaPRO™ is Ben Nye's global makeup collection for film, fashion, bridal, theatre and HD broadcast. MediaPRO Concealers, Dura-Covers and Mojave Adjusters create flawless complexions utilizing low luster, micronized pigments for a natural finish. All offer exceptional coverage to conceal birthmarks, under-eye discoloration, facial blemishes or body art.


MY-1, MY-2, CC-2, CC-3, MO-2, FS-1, HY-1, GC-1, NR-2, NT-1, NT-2, NB-1.

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  • Item #: NKP-12
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye products officially distributed by Parlights, Inc

Ben Nye Concealer Palette

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